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Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

Wrist picking starts here...

When embarking on your guitar-playing journey, choosing the right instrument is crucial.

As a beginner, you might be unaware of the impact guitar comfort and ergonomics have on your overall playing experience and technique development. Among various factors to consider, the importance of proper wrist-picking technique cannot be overstated.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of guitar comfort and how it directly relates to the development of correct right-hand wrist picking technique. Additionally, we’ll explore why the Ibanez RG guitar model stands out as the optimal choice in terms of comfort, while cautioning against the the Les Paul¬†styled models, due to its potential drawbacks.

Guitar Weight and Balance Distribution

One of the key aspects of guitar comfort and ergonomics is weight and balance distribution.

As a beginner focusing on wrist picking, it’s essential to have a guitar that allows you to rest your right hand comfortably on the guitar body while stabilizing your wrist.

A well-balanced instrument prevents strain and fatigue during prolonged practice sessions.

The Ibanez RG guitar model excels in this area, as it is typically designed with a lighter weight and carefully balanced construction. This feature allows for greater maneuverability and control, promoting proper technique development.

Belly Cut and Forearm Rest

Another aspect to consider when seeking a comfortable electric guitar is the presence of a belly cut and forearm rest.

These design elements contribute to the overall ergonomics of the instrument, allowing you to rest your forearm comfortably on the guitar body while maintaining control over your wrist.

The Ibanez RG series often incorporates a belly cut that contours to the player’s body, ensuring a snug fit and reducing strain on the picking hand.

This thoughtful design feature enhances your playing experience, promoting better control and accuracy during wrist picking.

Smooth Bridge Edges

Palm resting is crucial for achieving stability and control during wrist picking.

An electric guitar with smooth bridge edges facilitates comfortable palm resting, preventing discomfort and potential injury.

While some guitar models may have sharp or rough bridge edges, the Ibanez RG guitars are known for their meticulous attention to detail, often featuring smooth and rounded edges that enhance player comfort.

By reducing any unnecessary friction or discomfort, you can focus on refining your right-hand technique without unnecessary distractions.

Why the Gibson Les Paul May Not Be the Ideal Choice

While the Gibson Les Paul is an iconic guitar model known for its rich tone and history, it may not be the best option for beginners primarily concerned with guitar comfort and ergonomics for right-hand wrist picking technique.

Les Paul guitars tend to be heavier and have a different body shape compared to the Ibanez RG models.

The additional weight and lack of a belly cut can make it challenging to find a comfortable position for your right hand while maintaining stability and control during wrist picking.

Furthermore, the bridge edges on some Les Paul models might not be as smooth and comfortable for palm resting as those found on Ibanez RG guitars.


When selecting your first electric guitar as a beginner, prioritizing guitar comfort and ergonomics is crucial.

Developing correct right-hand wrist picking technique requires a well-balanced instrument that allows for comfortable hand placement and stability. In this regard, the Ibanez RG guitar model stands out as an optimal choice.

With its lighter weight, balanced construction, belly cut, forearm rest, and smooth bridge edges, the Ibanez RG provides a comfortable playing experience, enabling you to focus on refining your technique without unnecessary strain or discomfort.

While the Gibson Les Paul is a legendary guitar, its weight, body shape, and bridge edges may not offer the same level of comfort for beginners specifically concerned with right-hand wrist picking technique.

Ultimately, choosing an electric guitar that prioritizes comfort and ergonomics will enhance your learning process and lay a solid foundation for your guitar-playing journey.