DIY Ribbon Microphone STL for 3D Printing

The download ZIP folder contains the following STL files, for 3D printing the basic ribbon microphone components, ribbon corrugator and transformer bobbin winder:

  1. Microphone body
  2. Body cap
  3. Transducer (a.k.a ribbon motor) variations:
    – recommended: 38.3mm X 12mm gap (for BX842 magnets)
    – thick: 38.3mm X 18.4mm gap (for BX844 magnets)
    – long: 50.9mm X 12mm gap (for BY042 magnets)
  4. Transducer clamp
    – 12mm gap
    – 18.4mm gap
  5. Clamp bolt
  6. Bolt nut
  7. Pop filter solid block – for desired infill and pattern slicing (recommended: 40% infill / grid pattern).
  8. Bobbin/winder – for diy transformer, using these amorphous core toroids.
  9. Corrugator base
  10. Corrugator gear


Recommended Print Settings:

  • Supports: No.
  • Ribbon motor | corrugtor gears | nuts | bolts – 0.12 mm layer height.
  • Mic body | cap | corrugator base | transformer bobbin – 0.16mm layer height.
  • Mic body – print upside down, on a raft, with the Z-seam on a side (left or right).
  • Pop filters – use the solid block slicing technique described in the video, increase the thickness (Z-axis scale) in the slicer to print 3 layers at 0.16mm layer height.


Change log:

  • 1.0.0 – 2022-01-15
    Initial Public Release