Shipping Labels

for WooCommerce

A WordPress extension plugin for WooCommerce.

Generate an HTML page of shipping labels (for single or multiple selected orders) and print on any continuous feed label printer.

The Pro version adds a custom section above the shipping address (for store return address or branding) and custom CSS settings field for custom label styling.


$ 0 Try it before buying Pro version
  • Custom label size
  • Custom label padding
  • Edit labels before printing
  • Auto fitting text fields
  • RTL support
  • Hide country for local orders
  • Country/state displayed in English for international orders

Pro v1.0.0

$ 25
One-time payment
  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • Store branding/return address section
  • Custom CSS label styling

Provide budget shipping options with professional brand look

Whether you run a small home business or a medium retail store – providing budget shipping is the best way to draw new clients and maintain loyal customers. Use your local post office services to provide budget shipping option, while instantly printing professional “carrier”-like elegant and branded shipping labels.

Print anything on any label printer

Thermal label printers behave the same way as regular desktop ink/laser printers, since the labels are just “tiny pages”. Configure their size (based on the type of labels you purchased) in your operating system printer settings, after installing the printer drivers.

These printers can be used to print directly from PowerPoint / Word / Excel / Browser, print black & white images (or dual color red & black labels with special printers and dedicated thermal labels). Think outside the box and you’ll find dosens of awesome uses for any label printer: price tags / sale tags / barcodes / name tags for events / QR codes / gear and box labeling . . . and many more.

Label printer